Second Year: Complete

Just last week, I wrapped up my last final in arguably the hardest semester (and year) of my life. I took the two hardest computer sciences courses Stony Brook offers concurrently—despite multiple warnings from professors—and made it out unscathed. That alone has built my confidence in what I can handle and the skills that I possess.

From these courses, I’ve acquired several new skills. For starters, I’ve learned to develop user-centric applications. I would love to expand into the app development field, so if anyone needs an app, please let me know! Furthermore, I delved deeper into the systems that make our computers work.  I developed several programs and libraries in the C language, and gained experience in the low-level systems which are utilized behind the scenes in many other languages.

Now that I’m home, I hope to focus on and expand my business. Visit my company site at to learn more.

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