As a third-year computer science major and budding IT/software development freelancer, I love all things coding. I study at Stony Brook University on Long Island, with other courses taken through Syracuse University & Mohawk Valley Community College. So far, I’ve taken courses covering C & Java, as well as other theoretical courses covering the basis of computer science as a field. However, my introduction to and subsequent love of software development began in middle school.

A web design project intended to teach the very basics of HTML soon blossomed into much more given my curiosity. In 9th grade, I took this assignment above and beyond what was expected. My very first true software development project was the creation of a rudimentary social network. Written in PHP, this self-induced adventure thrust me into a web of personal projects, which throughout 5+ years, has taught me the various ins-and-outs of software design & development.

My personal projects have mostly focused on server side development for client applications. This has exposed me to NodeJS, PHP, MySQL, and MongoDB for server-side scripting and development; JavaScript, jQuery, and Angular for web client development; and Swift and Apple’s Cocoa framework for iOS and MacOS client development.

Despite my background and previously heavy focus in user-oriented development, I have recently discovered an intersection between my two favorite things which continues to strike me with awe. The field of autonomous vehicles is a blooming industry which combines both computer science and cars. I am extremely interested in the possibility of working in developing the artificial intelligence architectures which power these machines.

I hope this has given you a small glimpse into my life.

Thanks for reading,