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Peep, the not-so-secretive messaging service

My latest bender of a personal project received both inspiration and backing from friends. One of my closest had mentioned to me one night how she wished there was a way to see what people are typing before they send it.

It’s so frustrating when you see they’re typing for a solid minute, and then they disappear. What did they have written?

This sparked an idea in my brain. WebSockets would be the perfect web standard by which to forward in real time what a user was typing to those on the other end. So off I went; I spent the next several days single-handedly developing both a front-end React client and a back-end Node.js server. Still a WIP, Peep (as it’s come to be called) is serving its intended purpose: to let users see what one another are typing before the message is officially sent.

Check out the production copy at, and fork me on Github at where you can find the repos for both Peep client and server!

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